Monday, 26 August 2013


The development of technology that seemed never cease, became one of the growth drivers of the online store in Indonesia. People's lifestyles today are increasingly getting used to online shopping activity, create more business opportunities online store promises huge profits for the perpetrators. This condition is then used some irresponsible to commit fraud by making cheap online store under the guise of selling goods via online.

As was reported by various media, online fraud cases currently started many casualties. Even so, not all cheap online stores to commit fraud. As a potential consumer, we should be keen to see the site safe and reliable online before making purchases. Well, so you do not become a victim of online fraud cases. There are at least 3 ways that you can use to identify trustworthy sellers online store.
  1. Researching beforehand with whom you transact So you do not get stuck with the online scams , it's good when you know in advance with whom you transact . Do not rush to book before you read carefully the seller information is available on the website of the trusted online store . In this case you can check the truth of which can be visited the store address , contact phone number , PIN BB , email address , or facebook and twitter pages which they use to promote
  2. Notice how the payments offered In addition to considering the full information about the seller , note the payment details offered online shop owners . Usually reliable online store choose the national standards banks such as Mandiri , BCA , BNI , or BRI . While beyond the payment transaction using a bank , usually the owner of the store or apply online using paypal system COD ( cash on delivery ) in serving its customers .
  3. The existence of customer service can be contacted online store always has a reliable customer services at all times ready to assist customers who are searching for their needs . Therefore make sure you choose an online store that has the customer service to serve consumers. To anticipate the occurrence of cases of fraud , it is better if you ask with whom you are communicating and also record the telephone number of the company used .
By applying the four tips above , hopefully you can shop online safely and away from the practice of online fraud .

Tips For Choosing the Actors Marketplace Online StoreSell ​​on online selling sites ( marketplace ) it is quite easy when compared to having to make a website with an online store using their own domain . The shop owner just simply fill in the information products that are sold and owned company profile , product and subsequently owned businesses will be featured on the site or purchase the marketplace . The proliferation of multiple marketplace in Indonesia as one of them is , of course, makes it easy for the beginner as well as the owner of the shop in the virtual domain to promote their business in a way that is fairly easy and inexpensive . In fact , these days most of the marketplace that is in our country do not charge promotion for entrepreneurs who want to create an online store in the buying and selling sites . It's just that , usually to get more qualified additional features such as tidal features photos , upload videos , review articles , and a myriad of other facilities , they provide premium package deals or paid services for offenders online.Nah store , so that you do not choose the wrong marketplace to open an online store business . Here we inform you some tips on choosing the actors marketplace for online stores that you need to consider carefully .
  1. First understand the background of the marketplace before making an online store in a marketplace , you should first understand how the marketplace background . Learn how to apply transaction system in it , how the management system applied to the site , how its customer service response times of constraint transaction between seller and buyer , and if the site is now mobile-friendly alias can be accessed from mobile phones or not . It is very important , so that the future does not appear several risks that could harm your online store .
  2.  Learn the features offered by each marketplace would offer different features . Even so , the features offered help the sellers and buyers when they wanted to make buying and selling . Moreover , now some online buying and selling websites have features that can be used to distinguish a seller of "good" and sellers " naughty " . In addition , these features can be used as one way to make an online store that makes it easy enough sellers to sell in the virtual domain .
  3.  Observing the marketplace prospects in times to come Besides studying the existing features , it is important for you to observe how the business prospects of the marketplace . Do a small survey to see if the site is preferred by business people shop online , and also observe the marketplace, how likely go bankrupt in the future as losers . This step you need to take in order to keep your online store in the future can exist in the absence of new issues of the marketplace
  4. Observe your online store up there Although the transaction has been made ​​in the online store marketplace site , but as a seller you should be patient waiting for a response from the buyer . Therefore , consumers do not immediately come after you register as a seller on a website buying and selling online . Preferably , do not rush to deactivate your account online store simply because there are no buyers within one or two weeks .
  5. Jelly to determine when to move to another marketplace if for one to two months on the site belong to online purchase and no purchase is entered into your online store , while the relative sales figures are very poor , and many technical problems experienced when selling . So it would not hurt if you later decide to leave the site of the buying and selling online and turned to the other marketplace sites . Therefore , selling on -line buying and selling websites which have a bad reputation of technical terms and in terms of sales prospects will only make you waste time without incurring a sales transaction .
Hopefully these five tips online business which we have already discussed this can benefit the reader and helps the beginner who wants to open an online store business.